Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona

The unprecedented decline in the real estate market over the last five years was nowhere more acutely felt than in the office and retail segments of the market. While home prices declined dramatically and residential foreclosures skyrocketed, household disposable income evaporated, and the engine that fuels commercial real estate users simply died. Meanwhile, construction of new commercial projects continued for some time, increasing available inventory, and putting enormous downward pressure on prices.

Now that the overall economy is starting to show the slightest signs of early recover, including modest job growth in some sectors, we are beginning to see some signs of recovery in the commercial real estate arena. The inventory numbers, however, are still historically high, and absorption rates are nowhere near where they need to be, in order to quickly dig out of the hole that took years to create.

With all of this in mind, it is difficult to imagine a better time in recent history, to invest in commercial real estate in Arizona. Rather than waiting for clear signs of recovery, the smart money will invest at the beginning of the recovery, and enjoy the gains that come from selling to those who come to the party later. Buy low and sell high is the mantra, but for various reasons, it is a harder rule to follow than it is to articulate. The primary reason is that investors, like everyone else, tend to move in a pack. When the pack starts buying, prices increase rapidly, and only the very few, the ones who were ahead of the trend, are able to truly buy at the lower end of the cycle.

The time is now to beat the crowd. Call today for more information on how we can help you identify the right commercial properties for your portfolio.

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