§1031 Exchange, Top 5 Best Practices

Jun2016 By Kenneth Millar, Designated Broker/Partner, Peak Realty Advisors LLC.:  Five “best practices” to ensure a successful Section 1031 like-kind exchange for real estate. Section 1031 Exchanges can be very beneficial to the owner of a particular real estate property.  This is especially … [Read more...]

Estate Planning Using 1031 Exchange

"The major fortunes in America have been made in land" -- John D. Rockefeller Investors have long known that real estate can be one of the very best asset classes in which to build wealth.  And, while an experienced financial adviser might recommend spreading investment capital over multiple asset … [Read more...]

Arizona Commerce Authority, 2016 Business Attraction Services and Incentives

Arizona has a robust business development organization that is tasked with the mission to support economic development within the State.  The department is uniquely positioned to assist prospective businesses looking to locate or expand within the state. Key aspects of the group are: Direct … [Read more...]

Equitable Division of Assets for Probate, Custodial Care, or Divorce

How to insure fairness in estate distributions.  You have just been assigned the job of managing the estate of a loved one that has passed away or needed to relocated into a nursing home.  Or, a divorce has made it necessary to equitably manage the distribution of assets, both real estate and … [Read more...]

Commercial development continues to ramp up in Gilbert, Arizona

By Parker Leavitt The Republic | azcentral.com Wed Aug 28, 2013 Commercial development continues to ramp up in Gilbert — bringing the potential for hundreds of new jobs — as plans for a seventh auto dealership in the Santan Motorplex, a major office complex and a new industrial building were … [Read more...]

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