Tax Shelters

A diagram of three circles showing you the steps needed to find tax breaks and save money when figuring what you owe or will receive in a taxation refund

Definition:  A legal method of minimizing or decreasing an investor’s taxable income and, therefore, his or her tax liability.  Tax shelters exist in the form of single investments or more commonly, investment accounts that provide favorable tax treatment.

You may find also benefit from certain activities or transactions that lower taxable income.  Employer-sponsored 401(k) plans or perhaps individual retirement accounts (IRAs) come to mind most often however there are many other opportunities to consider.

The different real estate tax strategies, that are authorized by the Internal Revenue Service, are applicable to individuals with modest investments up to the very largest companies, both in the residential and commercial portfolios.

Tax minimization (also referred to as tax avoidance) is a perfectly legal way to minimize taxable income and lower taxes payable.  A word of caution, tax authorities watch tax shelters carefully and it is always recommended to consult with experts to avoid violating provisions of the tax code that could force payment of additional taxes and penalties.

Self-Directed IRAs (video link) and 1031 Exchanges, are common methods of real estate purchase and sale transactions that put yourself in a more favorable tax position with the IRS.  While not tax, legal, nor investment advisors, Peak Realty Advisors is a professional real estate firm with established affiliations that can assemble an appropriate team of experts to guide their clients to a successful, cost effective, conclusion.

Contact one of Peak Realty Advisors professionals now to learn how making smart tax advantaged investments today can pay large dividends in the future.

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